Coming to an election near you in 2015? “the way Applied strong-armed the vote for so many years”


Applied Housing “strong-armed” voter intimidation tactics against Hoboken residents highlighted as November 3rd election approaches

On Thursday, MSV reported allegations of threats against residents in Applied Housing in the second ward and the arm twisting by its building management to vote against council candidate Tiffanie Fisher and for Peter Biancamano.

Back in 2009, this was openly discussed in the Beth Mason campaign among her coterie of political operatives.

In a March 7, 2009 email, this Beth Mason political operative email highlighted the pros and cons of putting a son of Applied Housing management, Raulito Morales on Beth Mason’s City Council ticket with that “benefit.” (Michael Russo told FBI informant Solomon Dwek on surveillance tape in a Jersey City restaurant he was picking all three of the council candidates on Beth Mason’s City Council slate around the same time.)

The calculus in the email references the online political operative activities of controlling speech on Hoboken411, Mason’s favorite “news site” and in chilling fashion, dismissively highlights the upside of obtaining the votes through “Applied strong-armed” tactics against the mostly Hispanic residents.

In the 2011 City Council ward races, this “vote” kept Beth Mason in political office occupying the second ward City Council seat although the Russo faction majority was overturned with Hoboken’s 6th ward electing Councilwoman Jen Giattino.

Pointedly, of those who would rise up and speak out against this nefarious practice, possibly on Hoboken411 and/or other local websites, this Lane Bajardi email with Beth Mason ominously predicted:

“…people who live here less than 10 years have no sense of the way Applied strong-armed the vote for so many years, and probably don’t care. Others will make an issue of it but we can deal with them.”

The Applied Companies office in Hoboken. Anyone unveiling its voter
intimidation tactics against Hoboken residents, “we can deal with them”

said Beth Mason’s political operative Lane Bajardi.

The following top half of an email obtained in the frivolous SLAPP-suit Bajardi v Pincus is unedited below:

From: Beth Mason <>
Sent: Saturday, March 7, 2009 1:00 AM
To: Kimberly Cardinal & Lane Bajardi & Family <>
Subject: Re: Hi Beth — RE: Candidates

Did u send rhis twice?

Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

From: Lane Bajardi 
Date: Sat, 07 Mar 2009 00:51:28 -0500
To: <>; <>
Subject: Hi Beth — RE: Candidates

Hi Beth, 

I’m sorry we kept missing each other today. I know you are at an important crossroads and the decisions you make this weekend will set in motion the rest of the campaign. I feel I have a duty to tell you how I see the current situation. I very much fear the wrong moves now will sink everything. 
First, a few thoughts on the current mood. Your vote on the Underbridge Redevelopment Zone set some tongues wagging wondering why you did what you did. Most of the active anti-Mason comments came from screen n ames associated with the Tumpson/Fallick/Ondrejka crowd, so they were pretty easily contained. Your vote on the Church Towers Pilot has now extended the widespread criticism of your decisions to include many active and notable commenters on 411 that have traditionally been solidly in your corner. Combine that with new screen names established by the newly active Revolt people as well as the Zimmer and Cammarano campaigns and you have a big problem in the blogosphere. 
My concern is not the Revolt/Campaign shills as much as it is the longtime reliable HONEST posters who have established themselves and their reputation in the most active online community in the city. You have very few allies online right now, and not just because of politics. I actually don’t think there is much that can be said about the Church Towers PILOTS now that can change any minds. Defending you online has become a very lonely endeavor because nobody else is doing it. Your natural supporters are leaving you. 
This is a dream scenario for Lenz, Marsh and Zimmer (and by extension, Cammarano). The new tax hike-driven voters will not be the boneheads in the Revolt group, but the silent majority of homeowners who are angry but don’t have time to jump into the fray until the election. We need these voters to win. Right now many people are trying to take these voters away from you. 
The best way to lose them permanently is to continue on the current course. That course includes making what I believe is the grave mistake of building a ticket solely from groups that have not represented anything you stand for. You need to have at least one person who has some reform credentials to make a case that YOUR ticket is BALANCED for ALL of Hoboken. With that in mind, and since we have not spoken, I offer you m y insight into the current crop under consideration. 
Raulito Morales
Pluses: Obviously the relationship to Applied voters and his father. 
Minuses: Obviously the relationship to Applied voters and his father.

My Take: If you get a promise from Senior that he will deliver the votes for Junior AND YOU then make it happen. We can work with him to make him the candidate he needs to be on this ticket vis-a-vis talking the talk. By and large people who live here less than 10 years have no sense of the way Applied strong-armed the vote for so many years, and probably don’t care. Others will make an issue of it but we can deal with them. 

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