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The Hudson Reporter posted a story referencing a report from the Ashbury Park Press on how cars were part of the million dollar coin swindle:

In pleading guilty to an accusation charging him with second-degree theft before Superior Court Judge Francis R. Hodgson, Brian A. Petaccio, 49, said he split more than half of what he took with an unnamed municipal official who directed him how much to set aside for their personal take.

The indictment alleges that unnamed official is Corea.

Petaccio’s principal’s business, authorities said, is the manufacture, sale and leasing of arcade games and coin-operated machines with a crane claw used to grab toys. In its investigation, the state found coins from Hoboken parking meters were being commingled with coins from arcade machines and [allegedly] dumped in a lump sum into a United Textile bank account.

The money, authorities said, was then [allegedly] used to pay for Petaccio’s personal expenses that included Porsche and Mercedes payments.

This is going to probably upset John Corea some.  After all, he was driving a 1969 Corvette and clearly he should have had at least upgraded to a second vehicle say a Mercedes.  If not that his partner Petaccio should have at least lent the keys to drive his car on occasion.  He’s entitled.

Speaking of entitlements, the Parking Utility saga is far from over.  We’ve been in touch with some concerned residents who followed the strange circumstances going on at the automated garage up on 9th and Garden Street.  There’s some strong interest on the events that occurred before, during and after the Israeli firm Unitronics took over from the original firm who built the garage, Robotic Parking.  At the time, the automated garage was the first of its kind built anywhere in the United States.

While on the wait list to get a parking spot, Da Horsey made a point to visit the facility and get a first hand glimpse on the status quo.  In addition, visits to City Hall were met with some very curious reactions along the lines of an invader who was asking the wrong thing, as in questions.  We have some stories to tell on this and here’s a nugget.  On one walk up to the facility we had a chance to speak to the head guy, Gerhard Haag.  He made a point of showing us the front facade and in disgust he stated it was nowhere near the spec he had designed and yet the money for the original design disappeared.  Even more strange, a former City Councilman saw us hanging around and asked who we were before then explaining that the delay for the garage’s opening was due to corrupt pols who were demanding more money.  He said more than one Florida vacation home was purchased with monies diverted from the building of the garage.  As we understand it, the original spec differs quite a bit from the final product.

To make matters worse, the eventual local investigation under the Roberts investigation went nowhere, the local press did not follow up on it with information they were handed and other law enforcement notified also similarly failed to follow up.  Are we starting to get the picture here?

Last, it struck us as utterly absurd that Robotic was kicked out of the garage it built and the contract issued to a foreign company who was allowed to come onsite and take over the full operation with Robotic’s software.  It immediately led to a lawsuit against the city and we could hardly believe anything so ridiculous could occur.  Well it was no accident. No other domestic company would touch the garage knowing full well the software installed was under copyright and anyone going in to use it would be subject to a lawsuit.  

You think that was merely an accident?  Can you guess who was the Parking Director during this period?  Did funds find their way from the sole brave solitary vendor to a certain director?  

It ain’t over folks.  Not by a long shot.  We’re now just days or a month before the new sheriff comes into town in Trenton.  Mr. Attorney General Ralph Marra can you hear us now?  It’s almost supper time. 

Update: 9:45 – In a surprise, Gov.-elect Christie has selected Essex County Prosecutor Paula Dow to be the next State Attorney General in a formal announcement anticipated for later today.  Godspeed Paula and welcome to Hoboken.

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