Theater Director Paula O’haus’ tenure rejected in 5-4 vote

Paula O’haus with more than a dozen years in the Hoboken school district performing mostly as a Theater Director in the schools makes a closing remarks leading into a 5-4 vote where the Board voted along party lines rejecting her application for tenure.

Her full remarks will be posted in their entirety later.  It should be noted that with the political brinksmanship played over recent months and elections, Ms. O’haus had resigned from her the district and then rescinded her resignation just in time to make the formal request for this public hearing.

As a point of fact, Ms. O’haus has recently made a plea to teach.  In days past, she was exclusively acting as a theater director, a position that does not exist in the State of NJ in any of its high schools.

Earlier, Ms. O’haus states she had told the district via the former Superintendent Carter, she would be pleased to choose an option of teaching five classes versus three with theater duties.  This was a departure from her earlier position some time back, but one that made sense as she sought tenure.

Dr. Toback has offered a compromise: allowing Ms. O’haus to continue doing what she has done in most of her time in the district – acting as a theater director.  To this point, Ms. O’haus has declined that offer and has been seeking to be a tenured teacher.

We’ll have more but this presentation for a hearing was one of two last night.  Overall, six teachers were not extended tenure.  The politics surrounding Paula O’haus have been present, not in recent days but in recent elections.

That was a choice.  The Board of Education does not extend tenure automatically and now  it has made its choice.

Talking Ed Note: More video and analysis to come. For the moment, MSV should note you can see the division in the audience from the video. The left side of the room was almost exclusively for Paula O’haus. The right side of the room was there in support of Superintendent Dr. Mark Toback.  Some overflow was in the back doorway area also supportive of the theater director/teacher.

We’ll also have a video detailing not only the case by Paula O’haus but video of the lengthy list of concerns by Dr. Toback

More later on this story that will be a politicized hot potato for months to come and exploited for what it’s worth both in truth and myth leading into next year.

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