City: Westbound Detour for 14th Street Viaduct During Daytime Construction

City of Hoboken announces:

On or about August 30, 2012 and lasting for approximately 10 weeks, traffic on the 14th Street Viaduct will be closed in the west-bound direction from 9am to 3pm. East-bound traffic will remain open. 
The contract for construction of the viaduct called for the complete closure of the viaduct at night to install 50 beams that average 120 feet long. This work is not noise-free, but was expected to be done at night in August and September to reduce daytime traffic delays. 
After further consideration, the contractor indicated that they can leave one lane open on the viaduct if they were permitted to work during the day. The hours of lane closure would be from 9am to 3pm to avoid peak period traffic. Traffic congestion is still expected, but the benefit of the daytime detour is to not disturb area residents at night from the noise. Mayor Zimmer is thankful to Hudson County for working to find an alternative to nighttime construction. 
There is no additional cost or time involved with the detour change. Sheriffs will be stationed at each end of the viaduct and would, as necessary, allow emergency vehicles through. The century-old Viaduct will be completely replaced as part of a $45 million dollar infrastructure upgrade of this section of Northwest Hoboken overseen by the County. 
14th Street Viaduct Traffic Detour– Daytime (9AM to 3PM) – Eastbound open/Westbound closed 
Westbound Traffic Detour Description: 
Southern Detour: 
From Viaduct to Willow Avenue (South) 
Right to Newark Street 
Right to Observer Highway 
Right to Paterson Avenue 
Straight to Paterson Plank Road 
Straight to Viaduct approach 
Northern Detour: 
From Viaduct to Willow Avenue (North) 
Left to 19th Street 
Right to Hackensack Plank Road 
Left to Palisade Avenue 
Left to Paterson Plank Road 
Left to Viaduct approach</b>

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