City to NJ Transit: Add buses to Port Authority

City of Hoboken announces:

Buses at full capacity during peak periods
The City of Hoboken has asked NJ Transit to increase the frequency of bus service going towards the Port Authority Bus Terminal, including adding an additional rush hour bus route along the western edge of town.
“During the morning commute, buses regularly skip the uptown stops because they’re completely full by the time they get there,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “I have asked NJ Transit to add more buses and create a new route on the western side of town during peak periods to handle the increasing demand as Hoboken continues to grow. This is an opportunity to enhance transit service for residents and encourage greener transportation alternatives while increasing revenue for NJ Transit.”
Based on resident concerns, the City conducted a preliminary ridership study of NJ Transit’s 126 bus route. In one instance, five consecutive buses within a 10 minute span skipped the stop at Willow Ave and 14th Street because they were at capacity. The analysis, which recommends skip-stop or express bus service focusing on northern stops and adding buses or a new western route during peak periods, was provided to NJ Transit.
NJ Transit is reviewing the report and expressed a willingness to work with the City to address the issue. In addition, the City is currently conducting a similar analysis along Washington Street based on concerns about service from residents.
The letter to NJ Transit and analysis are available on the City website:
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