City to Lt. Andriani – ‘The tap is shut’

 City of Hoboken Announces Suspension
Without Pay of Lt. Angelo Andriani
City of Hoboken, February 23, 2010 – The City of Hoboken announced today that Lt. Angelo Andriani has been officially suspended without pay pending a full hearing. The decision was rendered by the Hearing Officer Thomas F. Portelli who said, “After consideration of the hearing notes and memoranda, I find that that suspension without pay pending a full hearing is not unwarranted…”
Mayor Dawn Zimmer had called for the suspension without pay of Lieutenant Angelo Andriani of the Hoboken Police Department resulting from an incident involving Lt. Andriani with the Tampa International Airport Police Department. The incident occurred on the morning of Monday, January 18th in which Lt. Andriani was involved in a “passenger causing disturbance” according to TSA Supervisor Taylor Johnson. 
 “Lt. Andriani’s suspension without pay is a just decision,” Mayor Zimmer said. “This type of behavior can not and will not be tolerated and we are appreciative of the decisive measures taken to remedy the actions of this individual.”
Lt. Andriani was originally suspended with pay by the City of Hoboken as the result of an alleged incident which occurred approximately two years ago.
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Talking Ed Note: reported on this story late yesterday.

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