City: remember the rules on local taxi service


Hoboken residents are reminded that the local fare is $5.00 for all yellow cabs and limousines and $6.00 for Indian Way car service regardless of weather or shortage of drivers.

In the past, it has been common for residents and visitors to be grossly overcharged by taxi drivers during inclement weather or high demand.

The City has reminded taxi drivers and owners of this rule and will be strictly enforcing this and other taxi rules and regulations, especially during the busy holiday season. Residents who are overcharged should report the incident to the Division of Taxi & Limousine by emailing or calling 201-216-1090 and providing the date and time of the incident, a description of what happened, and the taxi number which is on the car door. The City will take action against all violators.

In addition, residents are reminded that contrary to popular belief or local practice, it is legal to hail a licensed yellow cab (although not limousines) anywhere in Hoboken, not just at the train terminal. Finally, taxis may accept only one $5 fare – a person or group of persons going to the same location – per ride. With the permission of the first fare, a second fare may join, but no more. This rule has been laxly enforced and widely violated in the past, but that is no excuse for continued violations, and the Administration investigates and takes action against all reported violations.

Additional information on taxis, including rates for out of town destinations, is available at:

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