City offers free parking incentives to local businesses

City of Hoboken announces:

Option can save businesses $1,000 per year while creating more parking for customers
As a result of feedback received from the business community, the City of Hoboken is now offering businesses a new free parking permit option allowing discounted parking in municipal garages. The new option, which can save businesses nearly $1,000 per year in parking costs per vehicle, is only valid in combination with the purchase of $5/day merchant coupons to park in municipal parking garages and does not permit on-street parking. The original $200 business permit that also allows on-street parking is still available as an option.
“I am glad that by working with the business community, we are finding solutions that work for both businesses and their customers,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “I hope businesses will take advantage of this new option, and we encourage everyone to do their shopping in Hoboken and support our local businesses this holiday season.”
On December 3rd, Mayor Dawn Zimmer and Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs met with approximately 30 members of the Chamber of Commerce to discuss parking and transportation concerns with the business community. One of the concerns raised by business owners is that parking is incredibly difficult for customers. At the meeting, Director Sacs noted that nationwide, 40% to 60% of on-street parking in retail areas is occupied by business owners and their employees, and many attendees agreed with the statement. As a result, the turnover of those spaces is very low and makes parking more difficult for their own customers. Director Sacs mentioned that those with business permits can already park in municipal garages at the discounted rate of $5 for 12 hours – less than the $8 it costs to feed the meters for 8 hours, which is technically not legal. By saving $3 per day, a business can save nearly $800 per year compared to feeding the meters for on-street parking. While this alternative was well received, one owner noted the high upfront cost of paying $200 for a business permit, only to have to pay an additional $5 per day. In response, Director Sacs committed on the spot to creating a new free business permit option in addition to the normal $200 permit.
Permits must be clearly displayed on the dashboard at all times when in Hoboken. This new permit option is available immediately at the Parking Utility in the basement of City Hall, 94 Washington Street.
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