Terminal Redevelopment Update – NJ Transit meeting Tuesday!

City of Hoboken announces:

Update On Hoboken Terminal Redevelopment

The City of Hoboken is working to move forward with the redevelopment of the Hoboken Terminal and is providing the public with a status update and background on four parallel initiatives regarding this site:
1. NJ Transit’s request to have a 1.8 acre portion redeveloped as a first phase in order to make improvements to the terminal and bring in a major commercial business.
Update: NJ Transit has scheduled a second public meeting for this Tuesday, December 14th at 7pm at the Hoboken Terminal. NJ Transit intends to provide the public with an update on their proposed plans based on feedback received at the first public meeting in September.
2. Enacting an interlocal agreement between NJ Transit and the City of Hoboken to establish the process for proceeding with the redevelopment of the site in order to follow the New Jersey Redevelopment and Housing Law.
Update: The City sent a draft agreement to NJ Transit in August which was been reviewed by the Attorney General and NJ Transit. NJ Transit agreed to provide the City with feedback on the agreement by noon on Friday, December 10, 2010. The City’s redevelopment attorneys will review the feedback at that time.
3. Selecting a redevelopment planner for the City to prepare the redevelopment plan for the entire 52-acre Hoboken Terminal Redevelopment Area and begin the visioning for this area.
Update: In late September, the City received 11 submissions in response to a Request for Qualifications for a planner for the Hoboken Terminal and Rail Yards Redevelopment Plan. A review team was formed consisting of the Zoning, Planning and Economic Development subcommittee, the Community Development Director, a member of the City’s sustainability green team, and a member of the Hoboken Rail Yard Task Force that was formed in coordination with the Quality of Life Coalition. The team met in October to evaluate the submittals and the list of firms was narrowed down based on the criteria being considered. The redevelopment attorney conducted a technical review of the submittals, and in November, the review team further narrowed the list down to four firms to interview. The review team will hold interviews at the end of December and is expected to make a recommendation based on those interviews.
4. NJ Transit Studio Class for Rutgers University and Hunter College graduate planning students.
Update: In addition to the redevelopment planner, the City will be coordinating with the NJ Transit Studio Class. This studio class, starting in January and going through April, is geared toward improving the transportation modes at the Hoboken Terminal. Both the City of Hoboken and NJ Transit are eager to improve and rationalize access to Hoboken Terminal, given both the needs of each transportation mode and economic development initiatives citywide. This studio will afford students real world experience by exploring, researching and recommending improvements from transportation, land use, and urban design perspectives. The goal is to give NJ Transit and the City a unique opportunity to make the Terminal not only an efficient transportation facility but also a great public place that is fully integrated into the fabric of Downtown Hoboken. Issues to be addressed include bus operations, pedestrian flow, bicycle access and storage, ferry terminal and Warrington Plaza operations and potential commercial uses, taxi drop off and waiting, van/shuttle drop off and waiting, private vehicle drop off and waiting, urban design issues, economic development issues, and signage for the terminal and wayfinding. This studio class will include a public input component and will coordinate with the redevelopment planner’s efforts.

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