Hoboken Parking Renewals

City of Hoboken announces:


Hoboken residents with a current Resident parking permit should find an annual renewal letter in their mail in the next few days. The Hoboken Parking Utility offers the following to points of clarification:

1. Current permit holders who do not receive renewal information should contact the Parking Utility by phone at 201-653-1919 or email at

2. Please note that there was an error regarding the renewal deadline in the letter. All documentation is due by January 15, 2011. The validity of current Resident parking permits will be extended to that date.

Questions about Multiple Vehicles in the Same Household
Residential parking permits are issued and priced based on the number of vehicles in a household.  The first vehicle is $15, second is $30, and the third and all additional vehicles are $90.  If you received a renewal notice with vehicles listed other than those in your household, the Parking Utility may not have an appropriate apartment/unit number for your address on file, and your vehicle(s) may be combined with others at the same building also missing similar mailing address information. Simply submit or bring in the proper documentation indicating your apartment/unit number as well as the appropriate fee for all vehicles in your household. We will also contact the other individuals on the list to clarify their mailing address information.

Please note that it is the resident’s responsibility to make sure that the Parking Utility has all current information, including the apartment/unit number of the household. If a resident’s vehicle documentation issued by the State of New Jersey does not specify an apartment/unit and you believe that your household does not include the vehicle(s) on the list you received, please contact the Hoboken Parking Utility to learn what additional documentation may be necessary.

Q: Why are there other people/vehicles listed on my renewal letter?
A: These are likely your neighbors who also live in your building. We don’t have your or their apartment/unit number in our records, so we combined your information with theirs as the same household. If you are in separate household than the other people listed on your renewal letter, we simply need you to show your apartment/unit number on your New Jersey driver’s license and registration.

Q: What if I don’t have an apartment/unit number on my driver’s license and registration?
A: You can also demonstrate that you live in a separate apartment/unit with a current utility bill, insurance document, or a rent/lease agreement.

Q: Do I have to pay for these other people?
A: If the other people listed on your renewal letter live in separate households, you are not responsible for their renewal.

Q: What if I rent an apartment from someone else in a smaller building?
A: The City Code requires that all vehicles in the same household conform to the pricing schedule described above. If your apartment/unit is separate from others, all we need is documentation to demonstrate this.


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