City lawyer: ‘Mason’s excessive monies for Move Forward illegal in BoE race’

Hoboken Corporation Counsel Mellissa Longo issued a memorandum to the members of the City Council and City Clerk’s office Friday declaring any campaign committee donations exceeding the town ordinance $500 limit as in the case of Beth Mason’s on behalf of BoE slate Move Forward illegal.

According to a Jersey Journal story, the City Clerk’s office has issued a letter informing the treasurer of the campaign, Beth Mason’s husband Ricky Mason, the funds in excess of $500 must be returned within 30 days of notice.

The memo promised by Longo at the tail end of the City Council meeting last Wednesday calls the legal finding involving the Move Forward campaign “a direct violation” of the City’s ordinance.

If the excessive in-kind monies in the $7,117 donation are not returned in 30 days, a penalty four times the size of the original donation hold liable both the Move Forward campaign and the “Friends of Beth Mason.”

Campaign co-manager Joe Branco in a phone interview last night said he didn’t know anything about the Friday memorandum and couldn’t speak to it.  He referred all inquires on the matter to the Move Forward Treasurer, Frank “Pupie” Raia.

Melissa Longo Letter on Mason Move Forward

Talking Ed Note: The unethical, illegal actions of the Move Forward campaign along with backer Beth Mason is piling up with additional illegal dollars she expends on their behalf daily.  The Mason Civic League office re: Art Gallery on 12th and Washington is making a full throttle effort on behalf of the Move Forward campaign.

Mason operatives were seen working over the weekend at the location acting as a headquarters for Move Forward.  One who is making his presence felt is Adam Alonso who has made a questionable possibly “laundered” $2,600 payment into other Mason backed campaigns on behalf of Tim Occhipinti in 2011.

Will a $2,600 “donation” be appearing on behalf of Move Forward from the Mason operative in this campaign?

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