City introduces modernized, flexible meter parking

City of Hoboken announces:


This week, the City of Hoboken has begun to switch on its first group of cutting-edge parking meters.  These ten multi-space meters will soon substitute for the 90 single-space meters that are currently in use along the east side of Washington Street between Observer Highway and Eighth Street. They replace decades-old meters with new, convenient technology that has been proven in thousands of cities across the country.

“These meters will instantly create an additional twenty parking spaces in our City,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “They are not only much more convenient for the community, but they also provide the City with dramatically improved accounting capabilities at a time when every quarter counts.”

Multi-space meters will use a “pay and display” system whereby patrons pay for time increments of parking at the meter and display the receipt showing an expiration time on their dashboard. The meters accept credit cards and coins, and in the future can be programmed to accept smart cards or cell phone payments. When leaving, patrons may take their receipt with them to other metered areas of the city or pass the remaining time on their receipt on to a neighbor or friend. The first ten meters will serve as a pilot for a broader replacement of all single-space meters throughout the City.

“These meters provide more payment options, break down far less often, and their solar panels make them an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional parking meters,” said Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs. “With the auditing features of these meters, there won’t be any questions about how much money is being collected.”

By providing an additional two to three parking spaces on every block, the multi-space meters are expected to benefit local businesses as well as ease parking demand in neighboring residential areas.

“Flexibility is a major benefit of these meters,” said Councilman David Mello, Chairman of the Transportation and Parking Subcommittee. “I love that residents will be able to buy a set amount of meter time, for example on their way home from work, and then use that receipt at more than one location along Washington Street. They’ll be buying time throughout the meter system, instead of at one specific meter.”
During the roll-out, which is expected to be completed within a week, the Parking Utility is distributing informational flyers and warnings to drivers to inform them about the new payment system.

“While streamlining City operations and reducing operating costs, this cutting edge technology will maximize revenues, protect City assets from fraud, and provide enhanced user conveniences,” said 5th Ward Councilman Peter Cunningham, a former member of the Transportation and Parking Subcommittee.

The roll-out is part of the Department of Transportation & Parking’s efforts to modernize the Hoboken Parking Utility and streamline operations. Fewer meters means fewer break downs, and the on-board technology allows for instant audits and significantly stronger controls on cash flow through the system.  A summary of the benefits are provided below:

Additional parking spaces created on each block

Greater convenience of being able to pay with coins or credit card

Far fewer broken meters and much faster repair times

Vandal-resistant hardware and instant failure messaging software

Reduced street clutter by consolidating multiple meters at one location

Significantly improved accountability with instant audits and overflow

Operational reliability reduces maintenance, repairs, and enforcement costs

More environmentally-friendly: No need to replace single meter batteries
on weekly basis


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