City Hall: An army of youth running relief operations at City Hall!

Hoboken City Hall late this afternoon was a beehive of activity.  An army of youth were being briefed on a mission and preparing to head out to make deliveries to residents in need.

Hoboken reportedly has seen hundreds of volunteers sign up and the late afternoon proved to show a focused group.  There’s a desk with sign up sheets manned with people looking to get people signed and helping out.

Supplies of water, food and clothing were piled up all over the City Council Chambers as the benches have been removed for the community’s efforts to help others.

Absolutely inspiring.
Hoboken’s army of youth in a buzzing operation inside City Hall Council Chambers.  Supplies piled everywhere.

The mayor’s twitter noted PSE&G is giving out ice at Washington and Observer.
Hoboken Patch also noted in a twitter Capital One is coming to Hoboken with mobile ATMS.

MSV noted both Duracell and a Food Truck at 3rd and Washington serving residents.

This town is on the move!

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