City: Fire at the Hoboken Charter School

City of Hoboken announces:

Update on Fire at 713 Washington Street
There is an ongoing fire at 713 Washington Street, the location of Hoboken Charter School. All children and adults are safely out of the building. At least one firefighter suffered smoke inhalation and was taken to Hoboken University Medical Center for treatment.

Children from Hoboken Charter School were taken to the Multi Service Center at the corner of 2nd Street and Grand Street. Children can stay there throughout the day, however parents who are able to are asked to pick up their children as soon as possible. All Saints has also relocated their students to St. Nicholas at 527 Clinton Street.
“Most importantly, I thank the teachers, our firefighters and police for making sure everyone is safe,” said Mayor Zimmer. “We’ll be working directly with Hoboken Charter to help them through this situation.”
Updates will be provided on the City website,

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