City Council Slamfest @ 7:00

Pt. 1

Pt. 2

The super slamfest City Council meeting tonight is the last before the election.  It promises to be filled with acrimony, politirickin and the last possible staged operation of Mason411.

Already the legal documents on a discrimination suit filed by police officers some years back was leaked to Hoboken411.  The information from the mayor’s office was confidential until someone on the City Council decided to give it to Councilwoman Mason’s ghostwriting minion who took it and twisted it into a new pretzel blaming the mayor for the internal problem between police officers and Lt. Andriani.

This week is proving to be quite ugly on the campaign trail. Now why should it be any different in Council Chambers?  It’s not likely to get any better until Tuesday night’s election results are in.

You are all set to get your friends and neighbors out to vote aren’t you?  Hoboken’s destiny weighs in the balance: in a big way.

Okay, here’s tonight’s agenda:

And the resolutions:

Talking Ed Note: The meeting had some teachable moments as they say with the Russo-Mason ‘majority’ taking us for a walk on obfuscation and obstruction.  The budget surplus at its minimal 5% level is being played with and Councilman Nino Giacchi got the memo beforehand condemning it back to subcommittee.

Can’t do the responsible thing here since Councilwoman Beth Mason is politrickin all over town on this budget issue.  To pass the budget now would reveal her lies on the matter which are numerous days before the election.

Councilman Giacchi had another superb moment himself obfuscating on another illegal resolution, this one on the hospital.  The resolution injects the City Council into a matter of the pending hospital sale even though they do not have the legal authority.  This dance continued for a good while and Nino Giacchi only aided and abetted.

The election is Tuesday, May 10th.  It’s really time to have a serious, professional City Council.  This one is like 8th graders playing city government.  They have a Phd in obstruction and politrickin and believe you will not work to change it.

Will you?

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