City Council Showdown tonight @ 7:00

Tonight’s City Council meeting should provide an interesting clash.  The first item is the parking spaces to maintain the Corner Cars program.  The City signed a two year contract with Hertz and as part of that agreement, the cars are parked in neighborhoods within easy reach of residents.  But the Council of No now with a majority thanks in part to the unethical bankrolling of over $13,000 by Councilwoman Beth Mason now seats Tim Occhipinti on the dais, giving five potential votes to either kill or sabotage the program.

Councilwoman Castellano an avowed opponent of the program and the lone vote against when the program began stated a plan yesterday to unplug the success of the program by removing the visible successful 1,000 resident users in their respective neighborhoods pushing them into parking lots and garages.

Councilman Nino Giacchi, a practicing lawyer said he “doesn’t know” if an ordinance is needed for the program.  Has Mr. Giacchi even looked into finding out about what the contract says?  He sponsored the program with Councilman Dave Mello.  If a lawyer doesn’t know the obligations of a contract, who can help him?

The mayor and supporters of the Hertz Connect Corner Cars program are asking people to come and express their support.  Will the Council of No listen?  Will Councilman Nino Giacchi know the contract’s obligations by the time of a vote?

Tune in at 7:00.  The Corner Cars program is item number one!

Right on the back of that is the resolution affirming an investigation into the problems now finding their way to Trenton in the Attorney General’s Office.  As the numerous issues are under review, the resolution asks the AG to do a complete investigation.

How will Occhipinti’s backers, especially Councilwoman Mason and Councilman Russo react?  In 2007, nothing was on the desk of the Attorney General, nor was their any criminal referral even reaching the county prosecutor but they and the City Council voted unanimously to support the very same type of resolution.

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