City Council returns tonight in wake of massive community effort

Tonight the delayed City Council meeting will take place. There will be discussion of gratitude to the first responders and the volunteers who turned out by the hundreds with calls to assist by City Hall on its Facebook page, twitter and also Hoboken Girl and Hoboken Patch.

There’s a lot of credit to go around.  The City was and is in respects in crisis suffering a storm of the century when Hurricane Sandy landed a direct hit on New Jersey.
Whoever gets accolades deserves it.  Everyone who does obviously won’t.  Da Horsey witnessed some of it and has heard more from others.  As one example, Councilwoman Jen Giattino saw massive damage to her home in midtown.  It didn’t stop her from turning over those problems to her husband who tended to those matters with three young boys as she went out daily to assist others, mostly people who didn’t live in her ward.
She did it because it was work that needed to be done.  
If it wasn’t cited here, it probably never would and in no way does MSV seek to diminish the efforts from countless others who put their bodies out on the streets to help in innumerable ways.  
As a City, we all need to extend thanks to one another for answering the call.  The universe however is always running a tab and keeping score.
This community has done far better than others and it can be proud of the efforts of many.  
MSV would like to commend them all.  Thank you for standing tall for Hoboken.
While not quite as obvious this time, Mayor Dawn Zimmer went Rambo on another Hurricane.  This time 
she was joined by an army of volunteers from near and far and Hoboken public safety working to the bone.   

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