City Council Report Card – Time to grade your government

Hoboken’s City Council operates sadly like a series of bad one person Shakespearean plays but now the audience here at MSV will get to help give them their annual grades.  (The mayor’s administration will be graded later.)

It would be too easy based on the antics of MORTe to provide a collective grade.  Their obstruction of inflicting a $4 million cost to Hoboken by refusing to approve a low cost bond refinance on the midtown garage warrants a failing grade alone but this will be a person by person individual grade.  (The damage for that cynical action is not tallied and may in fact cost city workers their jobs.  MORTe takes no responsibility for any of this but vociferously complains about the impending result.)

MSV is not quite sure how to grade for the abomination of what Beth Mason and her fellow MORTe allies did to the hospital.  That price needs to be paid far outside of a grading system.  Councilwoman Terry Castellano headed the hypocrisy train recently showing up for the hospital ribbon-cutting ceremony and then snidely insinuating the hospital will not remain open for long at the very next council meeting.

How does a citizen and taxpayer grade such antics?  Is there a bell curve for cynicism and corruption?

You can share your perspective for the year end perspective here or in private via email to  If MSV receives enough inspiring feedback we may use some of it in a City Council meeting.

4th ward council seat holder Tim Occhipinti reads a text message at the last City Council meeting.  He along with other council members will be receiving their report card from MSV with the help of its readers.

Talking Ed Note: MSV has some video clips coming for those who need more information before making a grade. The hijinx at the last meeting were like a comedic version of the Sopranos. Hoboken is blessed to have such local entertainment and many residents are unaware you don’t even need to pay for HBO to get a dose. You do need a strong stomach as the concept of shame is null and void among some.

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