City Council rejects Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s tax increase a second time

Team Bhalla fails in second attempt to reverse City Council tax increase reduction in 7-2 vote

In Trenton, the City Council budget amendment reducing a three percent increase proposed by Mayor Ravi Bhalla to approximately one-percent is under review.

That won’t change based on the failed attempt by Team Bhalla to undo it with a budget amendment rejected last night seeking to reinsert much of the reduced spending.

The City Council overwhelmingly rejected the Team Bhalla budget amendment 7-2 upholding the previous budget amendment and retaining most of the earlier spending reductions of less than a million.

Council members Jim Doyle and Emily Jabbour saw their resolution go down to defeat but not after attempts to tease about funding for a tenant advocate and complain about “revenge” and what Councilman Michael Russo would grandstand calling “petty” on all sides before joining the majority vote.

Doyle attempted to dangle a carrot, artfully suggesting things could go well for tenant advocate funding or not. Jabbour bemoaned how the cuts in spending were targeted. She spoke as someone who understands a federal employee can’t be but believes it’s at issue now never mentioning taxes once.

The spending reductions are whittled across non-essentials and target massive raises mostly centered in the mayor’s office. The bloated doubling of staff in the mayor’s office and soaring 40% increases since Dawn Zimmer left office would see a 115K reduction.

The Department of Community Affairs (DCA) will review and get answers to some questions. They’re overwhelmed with technical problems and backed up on the municipal budgets statewide.

Ravi Bhalla’s mayor’s office uncovered in latest dirty tricks race baiting attack

On a different tack or rather, tackless, the First Amendment is a target for the mayor’s office in their latest political operation, or as one keen Hoboken observer says, “right out of their playbook.”

The target, this story or an attempt to utilize it, deeming it “racist” for showing Ravi Bhalla “going to the mattresses” in uniform from the Sacha Baron Cohen comedy “The Dictator” on his higher tax plan and throwing out councilmembers in City Hall helping a Hoboken resident.

 The same reader-submitted graphic below was used once before receiving nothing but a yawn from the mayor’s office (or anyone) last year.

This year is different. It’s election season and there’s some expectation a Team Bhalla council slate may be announced as soon as next week.

Time to bully some potential council opponents and demand they renounce the “racist image!”
Et tu Emily?

Borat runs amok as “The Dictator” movie comedy hit or a directed attack on Ravi Bhalla, playing victim? Again?
The mayor’s office has a plan shopping his “victimization” but local media isn’t buying it.

Vijay Chaudhuri works in the mayor’s office and replaced the earlier communications manager at tens of thousands dollars more late last year under let’s say, peculiar circumstances. He’s also the former 2017 campaign manager who acts on behalf of the eternal Team Bhalla campaign issuing very unfortunate, misogynistic remarks about councilwomen last week.

Word on the street is that in addition to an organized but flailing campaign to depict Ravi Bhalla a victim of a “racist image” on Facebook and Twitter, Chaudhuri is pitching it to local media.

To this point, it’s generating yawns. A few pointed responses by this Horse the other day on Facebook and yesterday on Twitter generated zero reaction. People may be feeling they’re being politically exploited so have fallen silent and some Hoboken residents are creating blowback to the latest race baiting operation run out of the mayor’s office.

Ravi Bhalla is seeing significant backlash reportedly across Hoboken as word of how he threw out two councilwomen in City Hall to help a resident at the rent office spreads. Time to change the narrative!

That’s the playbook they’re back to using even if they have to pretend the satire wasn’t published by someone who voted three times for Ravi Bhalla previously but dares to differ with his ACTIONS as mayor at present.

Here’s one respondent sprouting organically against the Chaudhuri led political operation on Twitter:

If you thought this kind of Al Sharpton race baiting attacks organized right out of the mayor’s office would end last year, you’re wrong.

Recall this exclusive political operation revealed here last December?
It was blown wide open here in less than 24 hours.

EYEWITNESS: Attack dog seen arriving at home of John Allen minutes after departing council meeting

Talking Ed Note: Just goes to show you, sometimes you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.
Should Hoboken be ready for Ravi Terror Flyer II? Brace for impact! 

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