City Council rejects Angel Alicea settlement terms

After an hour of private discussion last night in a special city council meeting, a vote to settle the Angel Alicea discrimination case failed 5-2.  Council members Michael Russo and Terry Castellano voted yes while the remaining present members voted no. *

Terms of the proposed settlement were not announced and the City released a short statement saying the litigation will continue in January next month.

Details are vague especially considering discussion on the controversial inconsistent verdict in closed session last night doesn’t allow public insight but this much is known; there will be no payout to Alicea and his attorney Louis Zayas leading into the Christmas holiday.

Rumors of a settlement appeared last week on but as it turns out the only party apparently talking was Alicea’s infamous lawyer, Louis Zayas of “ethnic cleansing” fame.  Zayas was back in Superior Court last Friday attempting to defend the hollow underpinnings of his other client’s lawsuit against the City in Carmelo Garcia.  That civil lawsuit looks likely to be thrown out of court as frivolous.

No Christmas loot for “Ethnic Cleansing” lawyer Louis Zayas as the City Council rejected a settlement in his client’s
 discrimination case against the City last night.  Next steps in the Alicea case are unclear.

It’s unclear what action the City may take moving forward.  A Jersey City jury last week voted 6-2 to awarding $440,000 in damages to Alicea.

A jury of six women and two men also voted 7-1 denying Mayor Dawn Zimmer discriminated against Alicea who was originally hired and stayed on as Public Safety Director after the brief Peter Cammarano administration.

Another aspect revealed in the trial came when Mayor Dawn Zimmer testified Alicea was part of the Data Theft Conspiracy working with former IT Manager Patrick Ricciardi in looting electronic communications in and out of the mayor’s office starting in early 2010.

Why Alicea was never arrested and convicted for his alleged role in the federal crimes is unknown.  Word among the Old Guard going back to Alicea’s time as Public Safety Director indicates it was widely known he met with FBI informant Solomon Dwek and was “wired for sound.”

That information was thrown out as a cover at an April 2011 City Council meeting by Councilwoman Beth Mason  in a coordinated political operation to distract from competing resolutions condemning Councilman Michael Russo’s meeting and agreeing to a bribe with FBI informant Solomon Dwek.

In depositions, Alicea denied he had worn a wire for the FBI Hoboken investigation.

Council members contacted for this story declined to characterize the settlement discussed privately citing closed session rules for members.

 * Beth Mason appears to have neither attended or phoned in to the special meeting.

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