City Council President Ruben Ramos ‘extremely concerned about potential conflicts of interest’ with Mayor Bhalla’s law firm employment

Official release:

As many Hoboken residents were, I was stunned to learn that Mayor Bhalla has taken an Of Counsel at a law firm. Mayor of Hoboken is a 24/7 responsibility and residents need to know how his new job factors into those responsibilities.

In my lifetime, every Hoboken mayor severed employment with their previous employer to avoid conflicts whether it be teacher, police office or firefighter so once again we have a Hoboken first with a Mayor having an employer outside the City of Hoboken while serving as Mayor.

I am extremely concerned about potential conflicts of interest and the public has a right to know what compensation arrangement the Mayor has with this prominent Republican leaning New Jersey law firm. We have major issues facing our city and this becomes another distraction that leaves us with more questions then answers as we work to move our city forward.

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