City Council President Peter Cunningham: ‘Mason resolution attacking Ravi Bhalla and Florio Perrucci law firm will see City sued’

Yesterday, there was backstory on Grafix Avenger about a resolution put forward by Councilwoman Beth Mason last week.  Today MSV confirms that resolution with the following memo from Council President Peter Cunningham detailing why it will not be on the City Council agenda Thursday.

From the desk of Council President Peter Cunningham:

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Beth Mason is fighting the truth going all out in one of her classic political attacks bringing back her sponsored smear machine in Perry Klaussen’s Hobken411.  The full resolution in all its fabrications and legal risk to the City is now exposed for everyone to see.

The ugly lies (and defamation) are now fully exposed.  Once again, Beth Mason leads the attack but this time it’s revealed to the public before the political operation could be run in a City Council meeting as originally planned.

Although Councilman Ravi Bhalla didn’t vote on anything connected to the law firm Florio Perrucci a month prior to accepting a position and the firm does not have any work with the City currently or will bid on anything in the future, Beth Mason and Terry Castellano are attempting to convince Hoboken people the opposite is true.

Will Florio Perrucci step up to defend the defamation against it? 

If they do take a stand for the obvious defamation, who is liable Beth Mason, Terry Castellano and/or Perry Klaussen of Hoboken411?

Will they try to put the legal burden on the City of Hoboken?

Beth Mason is reportedly unglued a political operation has been stopped in advance of the City Council meeting Thursday.  
The whining and lying is in full force at her sponsored smear merchant Hoboken411.

Yesterday, Beth Mason was reportedly unglued in the story on Grafix Avenger but today, it’s her smear merchant Perry Klaussen publishing the latest attack.  This one smears numerous people but of special note is the addition of the Corporation Counsel.

According to the ghost writer who put the “story” together for Hoboken411, a legal opinion sent to the council was inappropriate and accuses the City lawyer of “advocating the resolution to be voted down” and “unilaterally refused to place the resolution on the agenda.”
The Hoboken411 ghostwriter claims this violates the Open Public Meetings Act and Beth Mason “intends to advise the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office.”
This is your typical screed of lies on Hoboken411 but let’s point out the most glaring one that Council President Peter Cunningham himself makes clear why he made the decision to not allow Beth Mason’s resolution on to the council agenda.
Why would a legal opinion to the City Council by its lawyer ever be considered inappropriate is another obvious problem but clearly of most concern is Beth Mason announcing her intent to go out and “buy” her way in the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office.
Beth Mason has previously tried to purchase judicial outcomes for her political operatives. 
Is the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office for sale?

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