City Council Meeting tonight: Plenty of Roundhouse Kicks Guaranteed!

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We may be doing some live blogging tonight. We are in the chambers.  Showtime!

There’s a City Council meeting tonight and it promises to be a doozy.  Our friends from HUH, Hoboken University Hospital or Medical Center as they prefer, plan on stopping by looking to protect their “investment” in Hoboken keeping the local residents on the bonded hook for $52 million.  This fiasco passed by the previous Roberts Administration and that City Council is now approaching a meltdown and the public is taking note of the spiraling red ink with the clock approaching zero hour faster than on an episode of “24.”  Hoboken Now published the remarks of citizen Charles Mancini along with a reply from the hospital initially submitted unsigned by Joan Quigley.  A day later the CEO’s picture and name were added. Read the letter and note it doesn’t give taxpayers the warm and fuzzy feeling.  It however does dare Hoboken to pull the plug with a gun to the head to the taxpayers threatening even higher costs if shut down. (Wait didn’t they tell us this would be painless and even profitable if it came to that?)  The upside as they say is the city is not currently paying toward its current operations.  Which part of that extortion threat do you think matters more?  

How many out of town employees will they be dragging along this time to speak on behalf of the hospital?  Maybe it’s time for some of the senior administrators there to take pay cuts if they want to redeem goodwill.

Related: Hoboken Now on the earlier “news” in January of hospital financial rumblings.  Councilwoman Beth Mason has been on this for a while and her husband Ricky, who’s expertise is beyond question, advised the safe path to avoid this trap.  Former Mayor Roberts and his henchmen refused and here we are.   

In addition, Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s former council seat is up for appointment within the 30 days of her swearing in.  A special election would then follow next November. There’s also a City Council President to be officially named on the agenda too.  So this meeting unlike the last could take a while.

The City Council complete agenda/resolution pack is available here.  You should be able to watch the meeting promptly at 7:00 pm.  Or go direct to the site with chat capability – uncensored!  (We decline to name the control freak but you probably already know.)

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