City Council meeting tonight @ 7:00 – Live chat at THJ

Editor’s note: MSV will not be posting live coverage of the City Council meeting this evening.  The Hoboken Journal is doing a full fledged live and equally important uncensored chat with all the gizmos, doodads and pyrotechnics.

Take a look yonder there at 7:00 if you want to catch some of the fireworks.  We’re sure there are bound to be some with rumors coming out of Councilman Russo’s third ward on a temporary municipal garage site and the other part of the Council of No.  You know those consultants outside of Hoboken have to earn their pay and tonight is as good a time as ever.

One big surprise is also expected.  A long time City Council attendee is expected to make an appearance after a serious illness and recent hospitalization.

Keep a lookout for the Big Mo!
Welcome Back Mo DeGennaro

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