Special City Council meeting on Parking Agreement related to HUMC

The first reading of the parking agreement for the hospital under the buyer Holdco was voted on Saturday morning and it passed 5-1.  Corporation Counsel described the agreement as primarily a “continuation” for the anticipated change when the sale of the hospital is completed.

One member from the public spoke, John Keim who thought it would be a good idea to have a discussion on first reading (there is isn’t any) and attempted to give public time to Tim Occhipinti.  Council President Ravi Bhalla explained there is no discussion on first reading and the rules do not allow the public (or political operatives) to give time to the Council and change the rules.

The Keims are known for their political operative work on behalf of Beth Mason and Ines Keim worked on the Tim Occhipinti campaign where multiple criminal referrals were sent to by the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office to the State Attorney General’s office.  There’s no official conclusion to that review at this time.

Beth Mason has used the Keim home address for wheeling activities in earlier elections sending $30,000 or more to the campaign of Tim Occhipinti.  The individual maximum is $2,600.

Tim Occhipinti upheld the “Council of No” by voting you guessed it no
on a continuation of the parking agreement for the hospital.

Of the destructive Beth Russo forces against saving the hospital via bond earlier, only Tim Occhipinti showed up.  He makes some out of order noises as he’s apparently learned nothing about the council rules and showing decorum with a minimum of respect to the institution.  Nothing new there, fits right in with how he had the seat “purchased” for him in November of last year.

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