City Council Live – Rail Yards Development on tap

Note: The council meeting is captured here mid-meeting on the topic of NJ Transit and the City’s alternative plan.

Better late than never. Timmy Occhipinti is speaking on behalf why the City’s plan to work with NJ Transit’s development idea scaled back is a winner. He’s on fire, speaking strongly in favor of the revenue and other changes explaining why the plan is positive for Hoboken stating, “It’s substantially consistent with the City’s master plan.”  He’s opposed by members of the public in attendance advocating for nada.

This is a Timmy Occhipinti never seen.  “I ask for your patience… on these issues…they will be addressed,” referring to open ended issues and an upcoming traffic study, one issue among others to be determined but he advocated strongly for the affordable housing component and the revenues aiding the City and public safety costs.

(Seen in pt. 2 available here:

The measure passed easily 8-1 with only Beth Mason voting no saying the scaled back version of the plan from over 9 million square feet and towers dozens of stories high to a scaled back version of over two million square feet is still too big.

Previously, NJ Transit’s LCORE, its master developer since 2005 made various attempts to bypass the City of Hoboken and pitch their massive plan directly to Hoboken residents, it would host the pitch at various locales along Washington Street just last year.

Among those hosting LCORE in Hoboken to pitch the biggest, baddest development in downtown: 
Beth “Develop or Die” Mason.

The second flood pump for Hoboken was approved in an unanimous vote. The project is anticipated to take approximately 18 months to complete and is slated to begin early next year.

Up the Republic!

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