City Council – Last Call for year long Old Guard obstruction

The final City Council meeting for 2013 ends the year long plus obstruction in the efforts by the Old Guard council underwritten by the Mason family to stop progress and block the ninth and open council seat.

With the elevation of councilman-elect Jim Doyle, more than a year of obstruction fails on January 4th when the will of the people will trump Beth Mason and her allies Michael Russo, Terry Castellano and Timmy Occhipinti.

On the agenda tonight, a year end resolution to transfer funds within accounts. Among more than 500 municipalities in New Jersey, this is done in ten minutes but in Hoboken it’s become a bruising battle in the attempt to force a tax increase.

We’ll see what desire there is to sabotage Hoboken leading into Christmas and the New Year.  Once the gavel falls tonight for the last time, that’s not going to be tolerated anymore.

Here’s the full agenda;

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