City Council: Intro to the budget, food truck ordinance on tap

Well away we go as the new budget is to be introduced at tonight’s City Council meeting.  MSV is not privy to any of it and there’s not been time to even try but that will all end tonight and we get to see how Mayor Zimmer tackles one of the biggest if not thee biggest annual challenge.  (Saving the hospital doesn’t count as that was a one time event.)

So it’s off to the races and the grandstanding which will be in plentiful supply – if not tonight then almost every day thereafter.  MORTe who has tried to bankrupt Hoboken by sabotaging the hospital sale will suddenly be crowing about saving taxpayers money for weeks on end.

Of course they will bring nothing to the table at the budget workshops nor any ideas on substantial savings with cuts to the budget.

Don’t listen to what they say, watch what they do.

The only cut MORTe attempted was a second round of reductions to the mayor’s and directors salaries this past year.  Worse, they sabotaged a simple refinance of the midtown garage that would have pocketed Hoboken an easy $50,000.  More importantly, it would have saved the town $4,000,000.  That’s right four million dollars!

Tune in past 7:00 for the annual round of drama and utter fabrication, courtesy of MORTe.

Agenda is here and resolutions can be found here.

Talking Ed Note: After the piles of misinformation MORTe has been plying people with on the BoE election move to November, the false utterances won’t end there.

At the BoE when the discussion broached substantial actions saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses, the audience burst into spontaneous applause.  Everyone except for MORTe (minus Tim Occhipinti) and the Old Guard who occupied the left rear of the room.

That should tell you all you need to know about Beth Mason, Michael Russo and Terry Castellano.

Da Horsey thought it was time to share that juicy nugget with you. No one else will.

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