City Council feeling the heat on HHA appointment & park action

 Time for some sweltering summer heat City Council action.  Old Guard mouthpiece Tim Occhipinti is threatening to throw down on behalf of a booted HHA commissioner who he calls by a name not her own, backing a lawsuit against the mayor who has nothing to do with the State law governing her ejection.

Will the Old Guard pile on and how far will they go to drum up lies calling this an attack on seniors and the disabled?  Hey this is Tim Occhipinti, who says logic has anything to do with it.  He learned all he knows about Al Sharpton style politics from his mentor Michael Russo.

There’s more park votes at stake with the City invoking possible use of eminent domain if negotiations to obtain the Pino’s tow yard in the 3rd ward and the BASF – Henkel site up on west 9th street in the 5th if they don’t come to a sale agreement.

Hoboken is one square mile, but it’s like looking in three directions at all times: the present, the future and the “On the Waterfront” past.

Will Beth Mason, Michael Russo and Terry Castellano join Occhipinti in the gutter for some of that Old Guard religion?  Tune in tonight and see.

The resolution pac for tonight’s meeting is here:

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