City Council: Enter 2014 and the Death of the Log Jam

‘If you have the votes, vote.  If not, complain.’

The above quote comes courtesy of the late E. Norman Wilson via City Clerk James Farina.  Prior to the last meeting of 2013, Farina was chatting with Da Horsey and responding to a query if he would prognosticate the length of the final meeting of the year.
Farina noted the words atop of the late Norman Wilson who had served four terms on the City Council and was respected for his statesmanlike ways.  
The November election results bought a remarkable reality check, stymying all kinds of political bickering and obstruction from a demoralized MORTe.  Tonight the agenda is the end of the log jam where Beth Mason’s family underwritten lawsuit blocking a ninth seat on the council gets buried with a headstone mounted “MORTe Obstruction D.O.A.”
There’s a slew of appointments lined up. There’s also a new reorganization slated for the council itself.  MSV believes we’ll see the elevation of Jen Giattino to Council President.  She’ll be the first woman to hold the role since the 2011 and the disastrous chairmanship held by Councilwoman Beth Mason.
Mason’s biggest “accomplishment” in her record short term (according to living memory) was repeated attempts to reduce for a second time the salaries for directors and the mayor, launch an email witch hunt for emails of reform/anti-corruption writers, and jab her finger into the eye of an ongoing FBI investigation.  There was also her demand the City be prevented from having any surplus, zero as in nada.  If a shingle fell off of City Hall, Beth Mason and her Old Guard council allies wanted to force the mayor to raise taxes.
It didn’t work out on any of those counts.  The clock ran out on Mason’s budget sabotage on July 1, 2011.  Enter Councilman Jim Doyle tonight and Hoboken comes full circle.   
With a full nine members voting members this evening, expect to see massive progress and a slew of appointments to the Hoboken Zoning Board, the Hoboken Housing Authority, the Planning Board, Alcohol Beverage Control Board and the North Hudson Sewerage Authority.
When the bow breaks….  We’ll see what’s in store and who will remember the wise words of E. Norman Wilson.  Either way, it’s going to be historic.

The agenda:

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