City Council dilemma: how to deal with Ravi Bhalla’s dishonest budget

With one Smollett hoax distraction relegated to the bowels of Crooked County, Illinois and the Russia Collusion Hoax undone, attention if scant may return to Hoboken’s emerging budget problems.

Hoboken faces a 2.5% tax increase, a dwindling surplus, and plummetting parking revenue stream.

Mayor Ravi Bhalla is aware of the details but isn’t sharing any of the numbers in the rolled back parking revenues. By doing so, he’s hiding built-in red ink. But he’s been busy taking photos with Cory Booker who is now on the lengthy list of those seeking the Democrat nomination for president.

The City Council requested more effort to get an accurate picture with what a rollback from the brief but highly detested price gouging at the parking meters means. So far, the mayor and business administrator are holding fast to saying nothing and equally disheartening, doing nothing.

Hoboken is being set up for more red ink and will see an unknown reduction in parking revenue.

Tonight the City Council will hold a special meeting requested by Ravi Bhalla. He wants the City Council to introduce his less than forthright budget. He wants them to take ownership for the mess he’s creating and the tax increase he’s delivering.

Meanwhile, the Hoboken budget is ticking away like a time bomb not seen in more than a decade prior to Dawn Zimmer’s fiscal restraint and stewardship to produce honest budgeting.

That like those principles central to the tenets of the Reform Movement have been decapitated.

Updated: The City Council introduced Ravi Bhalla’s budget with zero changes. All the inherent problems remain. Now does the council have the will to do anything other than watch the car crash?

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