City Council – Business Administrator up @ 7:00

Tonight’s City Council meeting will be anti-climatic after the Kids First sweep last night unless you can grandstand on the credentials of a potential Business Administrator this town absolutely must have before regaining its sovereignty from the State.

Not much excitement on the resolutions list other than that item.  You can find the agenda here. Details of the resolutions including Arch Liston’s resume are available here. Review his resume if for no other reason than to understand why the inside word is he stood heads and tails above the other candidates.

You can probably catch the portion on the Business Administrator candidate Arch Liston and then the 9:00 pm showing of The Cartel at the Clearview uptown.

Sounds like a plan.

For those who wish to watch at home, tune in at 7:00 and join in the live censor free chat.
Hoboken411 will hate you and your free speech here but it’s all angry losers there anyway.
MSV hears its sour grapes time over there again after an election.  What else is new?


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