City Council Agenda for July 14 Meeting

Update: July 14th – MSV will be doing some onsite reporting for The Hoboken Journal’s live coverage of the City Council meeting.  Please join us @ the Hoboken Journal for a long agenda.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll scream.  That’s Hoboken.


July 10 –

Here’s the complete agenda for the next City Council meeting on Wednesday, July 14th.

There’s lots on the agenda including upper Clinton St. closure and Zoning and HHA Board Appointments.

Consider this an open thread on the resolutions and issues of concern you may have in our fair town.  There’s also some wailing going on over the exposure of the concocted issue on the pool’s scheduled opening on the 19th over at Hoboken.patch.  If you thought the subterfuge on the issue was exhausted with the exposure by Sean Iaquinto,  followed by MSV, Hoboken Patch, the Hoboken Journal and the Jersey Journal was sufficient at least one anonymous politico doesn’t think so and wants to point the finger at everyone else saying “shame on you.”

True story.

Take a look for yourselves and then ask why there is so little meaningful debate in Hoboken?  Here’s a perfect example why:

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