City Council @ 7:00 with Hoboken Soprano $/$ Vision stakes on the line

Part 2 (majority of meeting)

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Delivering the salivating profits from the undocumented Vision 20/20 “plan” is on tap in the background this evening when the City Council acts on an open Hoboken Housing Authority seat.

Hey, it ain’t a billion dollar Rockefeller project but this one would wet a lot of beaks.
Trading on zoning variances for $5,000 a pop is chump change; this is seven figure profits per building with expectation of a dozen and a half or more in the wings covering 15 acres of downtown Hoboken.

There’s a lot of Hoboken Soprano dreams at stake. Promises of new beach homes, vacation spots, you name it there’s an Old Guard friend and family plan in the wings saying gimme a piece in Hoboken, Union City, West New York and beyond.

Lots of expectations for Carmelo Garcia to deliver. But how can he do so without (rubber-stamp) votes on the Hoboken Housing Authority board?

It could get ugly.

Tonight’s full agenda:

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