City Council @ 7:30 – MORTe to sabotage Firefighters pay?

 MORTE – beth Mason, tim Occhipinti, michael Russo, and Terry Castellano get to live out their dreams of sabotage if they follow through on undermining a simple line item transfer for the third time this evening.

Expect lots of noise, wasted time and finger pointing with a blame information game before a vote to finally shift a mere 2% of the city’s finances.

Tune in at 7:00 for all the phoney drama.

Oh and MORTe or perhaps Beth Mason alone may toss in some random attacks on Hoboken Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs too.  A coordinated attack has been underway for a spell with Beth Mason’s favorite fascist website Hoboken411 leading her political operation.

There’s some question on if an alleged sexual harassment case is part of the hatched plan.  In a clearly inappropriate release, Beth Mason was the sole council member to comment on the claim.  Was she just backing up her investment?

7:23 Meeting is beginning in closed session so the camera shows the date but blacked out for now.

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