City Council @ 7:00 – Does Hoboken get the long hoped for Southwest Park?

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Tonight is the first City Council meeting for September moved from Wednesday due to the Jewish holiday.

No small irony on the same day 1600 Park sees its official ribbon cutting ceremony opening, the Hoboken City Council will have up for approval the court approved purchase of the one acre piece of land, re: Block 12 in the claims tonight.

The price is below $3 million, the amount the county allocated and was reprogrammed for the Southwest for just this opportunity.  The council has been split along usual lines and it’s unclear if a fifth vote will be available to join the reform oriented group who will likely provide four votes in favor.

As it turns out with election season upon the Mile Square, Tim Occhipinti is faced with a major issue as he looks to run for mayor.  He’s advocated for a Southwest Park as a council candidate and the location is the same one he’s even shot a video pushing for a fourth ward park.  He’s not supported eminent domain in the process to obtain the surface parking lot but the Hudson County Superior Court has ruled in favor of the City.

To this point Terry Castellano, Michael Russo, Tim Occhipinti and Beth Mason have all voted no on the Southwest Park.  Those votes are all in the past but tonight’s will be the most important as the City has cut the check and is ready to finalize for many a long held dream.

This evening the City Council will face its first fall test on whether the land purchase for a Southwest Park comes to fruition.

The full agenda for tonight’s meeting:

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