City Council @ 7:00 – Do you wanna revolution?

Tonight a historic and landmark piece of legislation is on the table for vote in the City Council: six contiguous acres of the western edge BASF property for purchase.

It includes a major league price tag but with it an absolute game changer on public land. This is without question the last six contiguous acres available for purchase with a seller in Hoboken.

Plans include a new parking garage and lots of park space for reclaiming and reinventing the Mile Square City. Two bond ordinances are set for the principal purchase $19.5 million and the parking facility is slated at $2.5 million. This isn’t the final price. Bump it up to perhaps a cool $30 million when it’s all said and done.

One can only envision the fields of dreams to follow.

Do you wanna revolution?

Let fly!

Talking Ed Note: This is a major achievement for Mayor Dawn Zimmer, the City Council, Hoboken park activists, good governance advocates and Hoboken’s Reform Movement.

This is a moment to see Hoboken shine. Congratulations to everyone who played a part in bringing this historic achievement to fruition.

For those who won’t be there, the proceedings will be broadcast live on the City website at the link:

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