City Council @ 7:00 – Cafe ordinances duel, Russo’s Solomon Dwek problem

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It’s showtime tonight for the dueling sidewalk cafe ordinances.  Why it’s been pushed off a number of times is beyond us here.  From the beginning it was clear one had done a lot of homework and worked out reasonable changes based on the last time the ordinance had been updated and the other looked like a sixth grader pretending to do an ordinance.

It’s Jen Giattino vs. Tim Occhipinti for the 12th and last round.  Go ahead and decide who is who.

Other ordinances up for final reading include set asides for subsidized housing and also final work toward a reval for the whole city.  Funny seeing them both on the agenda together as they will have some long term impact on one and the other.

There’s many ordinances up to bat so public portion won’t be until after dinner time.
Please act accordingly.

An interesting resolution, number one will allow the City to settle on legal matters for $21,500 or less.  This strikes MSV as reasonable but it’s one that could lead to abuse if the executive doesn’t act responsibly.  We’ll see how that one sorts out because although the City clearly has a fine mayor now, the legal fun and games could start the day she departs the scene.  Let’s hope it’s not too soon.

The big question on everyone’s mind (we don’t know if the public will raise the question in public portion) is concerning Councilman Michael Russo’s Solomon Dwek problem.  He can resolve it by making public bank statements from his Russo for Hoboken campaign account.  The defunct account with no required legal filings since late 2008 was whittled down from over 18K to just over 1K.

But that’s not the main issue.

The controversy is what deposits were made around the time FBI informant Solomon Dwek was making rounds with Hoboken elected officials and one lunch in the spring of 2009 with Michael Russo specifically.

Will Michael Russo clear the air and announce he’s releasing the bank statements proving no bribe was followed through on or not?

Everyone will be watching to see if he does and especially if he doesn’t.
You know everyone isn’t a crook, but let’s find out the truth and move on.

The agenda is available here:

Resolutions for tonight’s meeting can be found here:

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