City Council @ 7:00 – Angel Alicea settlement?

Tonight the City Council meeting moves back a day and will be held tonight. The big agenda item of interest in pure dollars surrounds a closed session discussion of former Public Safety Director Angel Alicea.

A stunning judgement last year was appealed and he along with his lawyer, the infamous Louis Zayas of Carmelo Garcia ethnic cleansing fame stood to haul in a cool ballpark $1,000,000 for his being exposed in the Bid Rig scandal but not informing the mayor. Alicea reportedly met with FBI informant Solomon Dwek at least once but in the end took no money, refusing the envelope.

The City appealed the contradictory verdict which said Alicea saw discrimination but Mayor Zimmer was not responsible for any discrimination herself.

Likely, the City’s insurance will pick up the majority of the tab which must be in the six digits. The settlement won’t be public until the City Council mulls over approval.

On first reading, an ordinance will propose substantially increasing the $45 alternate side of the street parking fines to triple digits DURING SNOW CLEANING! The proposed fine by the Administration is $100.

Is that way too exhoboriant or is this a make up fee for the lack of boot revenues? Tonight the City Council will vote without discussion and then if it passes, a full public discussion will take place at the next meeting in two weeks.

That should prompt some hot discussion under the hot lights.

Someone get up and “Move the Cahr!”
Hoboken is considering a $100 fine
up from $45 for failing to do so on street cleaning

during street snow removal efforts.

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