City announces measures on upper Sinatra Drive

City of Hoboken announces:


Earlier today, both Hudson County and the City of Hoboken announced a state of emergency regarding the Sinatra Drive North road collapse. The City of Hoboken is announcing additional measures regarding Sinatra Drive North in anticipation of a possible major storm predicted to hit the area.

“We are taking a series of proactive steps to ensure the safety of the public,” announced Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “My Administration has been working for the past year to repair our deteriorating waterfront, and our new engineer, Boswell Engineering, is following up on an initiative we started with the previous City engineer to fully evaluate the condition of the entire waterfront. They have also completed a geotechnical investigation of Sinatra Park and the Castle Point Park walkway, and design concepts are being finalized.”

Additional cracks have been observed in the roadway near the collapsed area, and engineers anticipate significant erosion to occur as a result of a major storm predicted to hit our region on Thursday. This erosion could cause further sections of road to collapse and potentially compromise a water main which runs parallel to the sidewalk. The Zimmer Administration has been working with the County on measures to protect the water main. As an additional precaution and with the approval of Fire Chief Richard Blohm, the City coordinated with the water utility to shut off the water to this main and the nearby fire hydrant. Water access for residents, businesses, including a daycare center, and as fire protection will not be impacted. Two additional nearby fire hydrants in the area are available in case of emergencies.

Vehicular traffic will be prohibited along Sinatra Drive North from 13th Street through the 14th Street extension and north-bound traffic will be prohibited between 12th Street and 13th Street. Vehicles will be permitted to enter the final block of 14th Street before the waterfront in order to access buildings and storefronts, but they will need to make a U-turn before reaching Sinatra Drive North. To facilitate turning maneuvers, parking will be temporarily prohibited in the metered parking spaces along the last half of the block. These measures are being taken to ensure public safety, and street and walkway segments will be re-opened as soon as engineers deem them safe.


Talking Ed Note: MSV typically does not comment on press releases but in this instance it’s important to note the ongoing effort on Sinatra Park and the design work anticipated.

That’s the good news among these problems.

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