Citizens Campaign – Thursday MakeUp Date

The Citizens Campaign will present its Path to Political Party
Service seminar on Thursday, March 25 at 7:00. at St. Matthews Parish
Hall. This course will teach the basics of how local political party
committees work and prepare interested citizens for the June 8
committee elections. The 30 minute course will will be taught by an
educator from the nonpartisan Citizens Campaign.

St. Matthews Parish Hall is located at 8th and Hudson Street.

What Do the Local Political Party Committee People Do?

Every district of every ward in Hoboken elects both a Democratic and
Republican committeewoman and committeeman. The party committees exist
to represent the interests of local voters to the party, and to raise
funds and rally support for party candidates.The responsibility taken
on by each committee person depends completely on the level of
involvement they choose. Many run for committee to promote change in
local government or to help build a political platform. Others see it
as an introduction to the political process or a chance to socialize
with politically like minded neighbors. The local committee people also
represent Hoboken at the county level by helping to choose the county
party leaders.

The June election is a great chance to dip your toe in the political
waters. Only a few signatures are needed to get on the ballot and,
depending on your district and party affiliation, getting just a half
dozen votes may get you elected .

The goal of the Citizens Campaign in sponsoring this event is to
inspire citizens to participate in the leadership of their communities
and reverse the tide of government waste and corruption.

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