A Christmas HPU quarters ode to the Old Guard

This Christmas poem brought to you courtesy of the Bard of Hoboken

Any rational person knows, 
what the Old Guard did, 
divvy it up, 
and split the bid. 

Once the collections discrepancy was found, 
did the prior Administration report it on up? 
No, they kept it in the family, 
An old guard cover up. 

Obstruction of justice, 
Conspiracy to defraud, 
The scope of this skullduggery, 
is much more broad. 

The story shouldn’t end here, 
and it is true that Correa was corrupt with a scowl, 
but did corporate counsel appropriately handle appropriately? 
it seems things were handled quite foul. 

So will we see investigative reporting 
finally coming out of Hoboken Patch?, 
Or will we have to wait as long as that follow up on Ma Russo, 
or the end of a Cricket match? 

I seems the corruption in Hoboken will never end, 
and that the taxpayers villains are recruiting new public scammers, 
so the only true way to end it, 
is to lock them all up in the slammer. 

On Paula, on Attorney General, Onward FBI, 
Its time the crooks got locked up and the taxpayers say bye bye!

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