Chris Campos wants your money; Judge says “Denied!”

“Show me the money” lawsuit fails

A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit by former fourth ward councilman Chris Campos claiming a conspiracy by police in Hoboken and New York city against him. The decision came last month but is now being reported on’s Hoboken Now.

The claimed conspiracy began according to Campos when they unnecessarily gave him a breathalyzer test after he ran a red light back in 2007.

There’s no certainty on an appeal.  The likelihood of Chris Campos getting your money now is far more remote.

April 5th, 2010

Former Councilman Chris Campos facing a tough economic climate even for lawyers has decided he wants your money.  According to the Jersey Journal, he is suing the Hoboken police officer in his 2007 DUI arrest claiming it was some sort of conspiracy to discredit him.

In January 2007 he ran a red light got pulled over and failed a breathalyzer.  He later pled guilty to driving under the influence.

This is what happens to local small time elected pols these days?  They go on a rampage of lawsuits to try to cash in and Campos has named the NYC police officer, the City of New York and also Hoboken itself in his suit.

Photo courtesy the Jersey Journal

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