Chasing Amy finale & the Ravi-Russo plan to see Michael Russo freeholder

The finale to this sequel of “Chasing Amy” sees the upstart but intrepid Amy DeGise giving political powerhouse Brian Stack fits as the election tonight ticks off the final hours.

Amy DeGise is bucking the HudCo boys club, something former Mayor Dawn Zimmer never was able to dent but a historic opportunity lies on the horizon.

More whispers in recent days say the Ravi-Russo alliance is growing into more neotransactional deal-making as part of the Stack insurrection. Councilman Michael Russo who fought all manner of reforms in the last decade is rumored to be ticketed to be Hoboken Freeholder replacing Anthony “Stick” Romano.

MSV planned to reveal more details of this Ravi-Russo deal with Union City Mayor and State Senator Brian Stack but a commenter entered the fray first pointing to how an anti-Stack Hoboken Democratic committee member flipped her vote for him as part of a larger Ravi-Russo Freeholder deal.

The comment:

Hoboken’s neotransactionalist mayor, Ravi Bhalla with Councilman Michael Russo (c). The latest in the Ravi-Russo alliance details how a plan is hatched to see Russo made Freeholder as part of the Stack insurrection.
A vote was flipped to Brian Stack for the HudCo election tonight as part of the deal.

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