Changing of the Reform Guard

Tonight’s City Council’s meeting comes off cycle and early in the 2016 calendar.

Momentous changes will be arriving out of the gate. Rotation of the council leadership is first on the agenda but not before the public ceremony swearing in of the new council and official introduction of first ward councilman Michael Defusco and second ward councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher.

Things get red hot immediately with the agenda showing the council intends to act on openings at the Hoboken Zoning Board. Will replacements be activist in their judicial decisions opening the reins or will the City Council retain its powers as the central redevelopment agency?


Lots on the plate, lots to dish in 2016.

Tonight’s meeting agenda is here:


If you haven’t seen it, the Grafix Avenger year in email is a must read. You won’t be seeing anything with the dish piled so high in the Hudson Reporter where she and a horse are persona non grata.

Happy New Year everyone!

Da Horsey, SmartyJones

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