Changing of the Old Guard in the HHA

Last night, two new HHA members were sworn-in, beginning a new day and some would hope a new light shinning on the fiduciary necessities of that agency.

It is the last and third largest public budget in the City of Hoboken spared reform financial oversight.
As MSV has reported the most thorough coverage on the Hoboken Housing Authority in the last year or more, the changes are not insignificant.

As readers here well know, the attempt to merely rotate professionals in auditing and legal counsel under former chair Jake Stuiver led to World War III and a level of acrimony, politics of personal destruction and depraved indifference to decency not seen since the Beth Mason SLAPP.

To say the professionalism injected is welcome would be an understatement.  More coverage to come.

The new commissioners to the HHA are Dana Wefer and James Sanford.

New HHA commissioner Dana Wefer takes the oath of office.

Taking his turn, James Sanford takes the oath of office as a new HHA commissioner.

Talking Ed Note: The ink on one of the most atrocious legal documents in a baseless civil suit isn’t even dry and HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia was mouthing last night that perhaps the mayor will work together in a new spirit as she said at her inaugural.

It was a speech Garcia himself failed to attend.

Garcia’s “ethnic cleansing” lawsuit brought a negative national spotlight on Hoboken and his attempts to extort the City of Hoboken to bend to an undocumented massive land grab called Vision 20/20 will not soon be forgotten.

One can only salute the bravery of Hoboken residents who are willing to serve in such a climate where civil lawsuits are used as spiteful and vindictive tools to achieve personal, financial and political gain.

From the view here, it’s a rampant years long cancer in Hoboken.  Years long.

Related: The new Hudson County political website has featured Hoboken here and other public institutions.  It’s weekly release and should be part of every Hobokenite’s regular reading.

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