Reader Mcgato shared a recent experience in the comments here on the uptown smear merchant at Hoboken411:

Cute story from election night and Hoboken411. I had visited this site once before election night and only spent a few minutes on it. After KF swept the election, I posted something on the 411 website to the effect of “maybe 411 should realize that he is not a king maker and get back to simply reporting about what happens in Hoboken, instead of trying to control what happens in town.” That comment posted immediately, as had all of my previous posts. Within minutes, it was removed. I tried to repost a few times, but they never appeared. A day or two after the election, I checked this site out further and noticed a similar “kingmaker” (one word as opposed to my two words) reference here. I figured that 411 thought that I was an operative of this site. Silly, delusional man. I just tried to post on another unrelated subject, but it is also blocked. So I guess I am permanently banned from that site for using wording too similar to wording on this site. Too rich.

Da Horsey is shocked, shocked at this revelation I tell ya. We’d say this was probably some sort of accident and Hobo411 was off his meds but we’re pretty sure being on his meds makes little difference.

Although Mcgato references the use of the work kingmaker here in our winners and losers feature story on the BoE election, Da Horsey is willing to venture a guess it had more to do with the reflexive bitterness of Das Klausfurherer after yet another stinging election defeat than anything referenced here. That’s just his and the Hoboken411 minions SOP (standard operating procedure). Free speech is their most hated enemy. Number two on the enemies list – that would be the Hoboken voters who continually refuse to follow orders and vote for who they are told.  Of course MSV is on the list too.   As many know, Hoboken411 threatened to sue Da Horsey back in February.  MSV’s response was to highlight the threat and let everyone know not one inch will be yielded.  Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

Can you hear me now?

Talking Ed Note: It does warm the heart to know the predicted post-election bitterness is in fact alive and well and biting the hand that feeds him.

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