Celebrating Deep State McCarthyism on President’s Day

It’s President’s Day, the combo package where individual greatness gets wrapped in a participation prize. If you made it to US President, you get a mention, a picture on Mount Rushmore or your photo blended in on a holiday circular.

If you’re not a past US President, you qualify for a different type of sale: selling out the US Constitution. The question in the form of a narrative goes, “Have you or have any members of your family, friends and political campaign aides ever watched Dr. Zhivago and not rooted for the winning red team?” 
The Deep State motto: “I’ll be watching you. Here, there, it’s all the same. If watching doesn’t work, we’ll just make it up and say we saw. “Russ-ya! Russ-ya!” they bray or is it the new McCarthyism without any evidence? 

“Do you denounce all forms of Russian aggression devoid of the hammer and sickle, kulak attacks on the reset button and our glorious new world order where your First Amendment rights are protected by a half-dozen statist corporate media entities who will provide you the correct path to right thinking? Do you denounce as racist all who stand in our way?”

Remember the good old days when Vladimir Putin was a mere misunderstood KGB social justice warrior with bosses who slightly erred deploying socialist brotherhood and the communist utopia breaking 100 million or so eggs? It’s not the erasure of a hundred million lives decried but the failure of the well meaning experiment being lost to competing oligarchs not our Soros led no borders team.

If one can put down the “Russia hacked the election” hysteria and the succeeding conspiracies with no credible evidence following Election Day for a moment, you might want to ask exactly who is eligible under the Fourth Amendment if not the current US President and members of his earlier campaign. 

Eli Lake recently dared to throw the red flag, but it’s not on behalf of the previous novel utopian version.

Meanwhile the political operative lamestream press is crying its feelings were hurt at a presser because they got called out on the carpet by someone else’s First Amendment expression. Their political operative bylines were fouled up and this so soon after its tragic and collective failure last November. Some excuse about racist palomino pony privilege. And this without a single palomino ever making the Budweiser Clydesdale team

The Russian threat is extending to our undocumented friends who push our strollers around the Mile Square, clean the condo and help Buffy with his HOLA! homework. Isn’t it our Constitutional right to have someone else pay the bill for the undocumented’s hospital, education and social services bill? Hey, the Mile Square City remains an Abbott district but that deal is now under a bit too much social justice warrior scrutiny and we’re not even going to delve into unpaid social security payroll taxes.

Alright we’ve wandered off the path of Russia McCarthyist hysteria enough. No matter what our UN Ambassador Nikki Haley says with other US officials about the Bear’s illegal aggression, let’s pretend it never happened and stick to the “Russya! Russya!” conspiracy theories.

Hey, as the leftovers at the national listening agency would urge, you have to publish what they say because hey, they say they got a tape. They have lots of tapes. Boy oh boy, they’re always taping. It’s for your own good. Just maybe not the current person in the oval office. They’re working on that Constitutional exclusion, trust them.

Lemmings are already lining up to denounce in support of the latest nouveau unreleased tapes. We now return you to your regularly scheduled deprogramming of reality on the lamestream media and CNN, the leader in Fake News.

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