Celebrating a centenial of Frank Sinatra in Hoboken

The summer breeze came and went across the sea and the Hudson last summer with the unofficial celebration of Frank Sinatra’s birthday.

Today is the real deal. 100 years to this day, Frank Sinatra was born.

For many, this is no whimsical celebration. In their hearts are memories, traditions and celebrations from many days and decades past. Today, there are new Sinatra fans born and converts who learn the mastery of phrasing Frank Sinatra is so well known.

Not gifted with the greatest range, Sinatra was a craftsman of the art of phrasing and viewed his voice the instrument. He learned his craft in the back rooms across Hudson County as a boy, eventually becoming one of the biggest American celebrities over the past century.

Sinatra was more than a singer. He was an actor featured in many films but his legacy rose beyond the pallet of arts and entertainment. His legacy is one of an American icon who lived life, breathed it in every ounce of his being whether out on the town with the Rat Pack or suffering the fallout of a failed romance with Ava Gardner.

There’s no tribute rendered proper here, merely a marker along a long road better served by others. Some have made the centennial celebration a year long event in Hoboken.

An autographed photo from Frank Sinatra himself is a family heirloom handed down.


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