CBS News: Hoboken considering draconian $250 face mask fine with four confirmed new cases

The local CBS News filed a report as Hoboken makes the news.

Is it for some business innovation or some effective government action for residents?

No, it’s for massive government overreach with the faded Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus and a potential and pending $250 fine if you’re caught outside without wearing a face diaper mask.

According to the report, Mayor Ravi Bhalla “is on board” with the huge fine even as the pandemic has dwindled in Hoboken to practically zero in recent weeks.

The City Council may conduct a final vote on the proposed ordinance next week at its Wednesday meeting.

Late yesterday, the City of Hoboken reported a mere four new cases. In the entire state of New Jersey there were several hundred new cases in a population of nine million. Deaths have dwindled mostly into the single digits going back more than a month.

There’s also the major question of legality with a small town mayor trying to impose such an onerous fine on residents over what some keen observers have called a “nursing home disease.”

Talking Ed Note: A large percentage of deaths from the CCP Virus occurred in senior nursing facilities. Those numbers are dwarfed across the United States in New York and New Jersey. The state governors Andrew Cuomo and Phil Murphy, by executive order, forced infected patients to be housed in nursing facilities leading to exponential deaths among the senior population.

Putting aside the efficacy question of the public’s use of masks which many scientists feel is negligible and often counterproductive; the consideration for usage in a hot spot is at least arguable. Hoboken however doesn’t come remotely close to making the cut.

Meanwhile countries in Europe like Sweden and Holland have found a saner, more caring path for their citizens. Sweden has defeated the pandemic focusing on a social distancing campaign and never shutting down economic activities like restaurants and other businesses.

Late last month, the Minister for Medical Care, Tamara van Ark after a review by Holland’s National Institute for Health (RIVM) said the nation would focus on adhering to social distancing.

“Because from a medical perspective, there is no proven effectiveness of masks, the Cabinet has decided that there will be no obligation for wearing non-medical-masks” the minister stated.

Don’t tell Ravi Bhalla and the Nanny State loving members of the City Council.

Or better yet, go ahead, tell them.

New Jersey’s mortality rates due to the pandemic have dwindled to single digits.
Ravi Bhalla however has a plan to score some fat revenues with $250 fines for going outside without a face mask.
As if citizens haven’t suffered with lockdowns enough. Now they can get hammered if they don’t virtue signal obedience to government. Source: Worldometer

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